Sygic automatically saves your previous destinations into History, to make it easier for you to navigate to places you already used in the past. You can also save your own Favorite addresses, Places (points of interest) and routes. For easy access to your contacts, you can navigate to your Contacts directly from the app.

The Destination History will be displayed when you tap on the Search bar, before you type anything into the search. Click on the Heart icon, in the top right corner next to the search bar to see Favorite and Contacts (contacts are loaded from the device’s contact list, where they must have a properly filled out address to be detected and shown in Sygic).

You can save your routes to Favorites by tapping the heart icon in the Route Info. More information in Starting the route chapter.

To add an address or a Place to the Favorites, either select a point on a map and choose “Add to favorites”, or tap on the blue PLUS button in the right bottom corner in the Favorites screen.

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