/BTI/TE_TVARV is a standard configuration table used for storing various configuration variables and parameters for other functionalities within ActiveControl.

Field Explanation of Field
Variable Name This is where the variable/parameter name is stored. The ones used in ChaRM integration are detailed underneath.
Number Sequential Number (1,2,3 etc.) – used if you have more than one entry for the same Variable name.
INCL / EXCL Include or Exclude. Will always be INCL for the ChaRM integration.
Option Typically EQ (Equals)
Selection Value Values for the Parameter. Some parameters require only one value, others require two.

The following Variables are required to support the ChaRM integration.

  • TE_CHARM_ACTIVE_SYT: This is needed to define each of the Development systems where Transport Forms are to be created.
  • TE_CHARM_DECOUPLEBT: In order to assign decoupled transports to a business meant for decoupled one, configure that particular Business Task’s Reference against this variable.
  • TE_CHARM_PROC_TYPE: This is needed for the process of updating the Transport Form if a Change document is updated, it is required to configure the CD’ process types.
  • TE_CHARM_SYSTEM: Create an entry with variable TE_CHARM_SYSTEM and set a 3 digit number in the field ‘LOW’ for the External System Number set earlier in table /BTI/TE_INT_SYST.
  • TE_CHARM_CU_GROUPS / TE_CHARM_WB_GROUPS: This was required for a specific customer requirement whereby they had different Groups configured within ActiveControl, for Customising and Workbench. The Selection Values for these are the long GUIDs from /BTI/TE_GROUP table. Please see later Section for details on this User Exit that was required to fulfil this requirement.

Example Customer Configuration

The below illustrates some example configuration of /BTI/TE_TVARV table at a customer implementation of the ActiveControl ChaRM integration.

Figure: Example customer configuration of /BTI/TE_TVARV


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