When passing data from TFS XML format to sap structure, the inbound integration class needs to know the equivalent TE field of TFS fields. Whereas with /BTI/TE_INT_MAPP, the webservice CREATE_TASK & CHANGE_TASK wouldn’t be working if we use /BTI/TE_INT_MAPP for mapping.

To read the fields and values that are in xml format sent from TFS, the class /BTI/TE_CL_TFS_INBOUND_WS need to know the equivalent TE field of TFS fields. So fill /BTI/TE_INT_FMAP for initial mapping if parsing 3rd party data to sap structure unless it is mapped in the 3rd party side itself.

/BTI/TE_INT_FMAP – Integration Mapping
Is to map the TE field to the equivalent fields of TFS system
Field Description
EXTSYS_NO Main external system identifier, this is the identifier of the system that you wish to integrate with we can have as many systems as we want.
An example of this could be:
1 – Remedy, 2 – Solution Manager, 3 – ServiceNow
SEQUENCE_NO Doesn’t have to be in sequence but just to have part of key
CLASS TASK to create business task or REQUEST to create transport form
EXT_FIELDNAME TFS field name to be mapped to TE fields
BTI_TE_FIELDNAME TE business task field

1. A mandatory entry to have the TFS collection in a custom field in TE is required with the value ‘TFS_COLLECTION’ in the field EXT_FIELDNAME and the TE custom field no in the field BTI_TE_FIELDNAME in table /BTI/TE_INT_FMAP.

The possible issue without this setting is explained further.

There is a possibility for 2 work items to have a same ID from different collection. Given that work item ID is saved as a TE reference, task for the work item that has the same iD from different collection can be overwritten. So to avoid this issue, this entry is mandatory (eg: ref screenshot below) and the default collection name must be defined in the table /BTI/TE_TVARV with variant TE_TFS_COLLECTION. If the collection name of story is different from the default maintained in the TVARV table, then the reference of BT will be CollectionName_WorkItemID. If it is same as the default, then it is only the workitem ID will be reference of BT..

1. Fields called BT Status and TF list are required to be updated in TFS apart from deployment status which is a direct mapped field. But for the former 2 fields, this require some reading extra tables to make the value to pass to TFS. Hence exit /BTI/TE_EXIT_SAMPLE_0990 will read the read the list of transports, description and their location in HTML to have the list in table format in TFS field “TF List”. Likewise, reads the status of business task and send to TFS field “BT Status”. This requires configuration in table /BTI/TE_INT_FMAP to identify to which TFS fields the values were to be passed. The equivalent TE fields for BT status and TF list in TFS are TE_TFS_BT_STATUS and TE_TFS_TF_LIST

For updating the TFS list and status in TFS workitem and querying TFS back after the alert to read all fields required for creating a BT in TE.

Requires patch transport “D00K902343 Updating the TF List and Status in TFS workitem and querying” as of AC v7.03.

2. Create an entry in table /BTI/TE_INT_FMAP. In column “External Reference” fill in the TFS reference field for BT needed

Example update in TFS:


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