The left side of the Materials screen lists the current project materials and the surface material assignments.

Project Materials – This window lists the current materials that have been imported into the project and are available to be applied to a surface. Select a material by right-clicking it in the list. The Delete button will delete the currently selected material from the project list only, not the library it may have come from. The Assign Material to Object button will assign the currently selected material in the project list to the currently selected row in the Surface Material Assignment section.

Surface Material Assignment – This window lists the current elements in the project (Object column), the associated materials (Material column) and any associated patterns or textures (Patterns/Textures column). The default materials are grey-scale with the visible reflectance specified in the Material input field. Anytime a 0-100 number is specified in the Material column, SPOT will assume this to be a grey surface with the given percentage transmittance. (ie. 35 will give a gray surfaced with a 35% reflectance). Otherwise, the Material input should contain the name of a valid material that has been added to your project. The Patterns/Textures column should either be blank or contain the name of a valid pattern or texture material that has been added to the project. When a project geometry is imported, any number of project elements may exist in the Object column. Geometry created within SPOT will always contain the following elements:

  • Interior Walls – Interior surface of all walls
  • Exterior Walls – Exterior surface of all walls
  • Floor – The floor of the space.
  • Ceiling – Both regular and monitor ceiling
  • Roof – Typically not seen but can influence light entering clerestory windows
  • Mullions – Frame material of all windows
  • Ground – Exterior ground surface
  • Shades – Fabric shades
  • Blinds – Reflectance of slats, other parameters defined on Advanced Options.


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