The Photosensor Analyzer screen allows you to mix and match the various photosensor scenarios defined on the Photosensor Generator screen with the defined electric lighting zones and analyze how they will perform under a larger set of representative days and sky conditions. The photosensor ‘signal’ discussed throughout these sections refers to the relative response received from the actual photocell which is typically a milliamp signal. In SPOT Pro, this response is unitless but is typically linear to the resulting 0-10V signal received from the photosensor system. In this analysis, the units don’t matter as you are only analyzing the response relationships or linearity under various lighting conditions.

The Photosensor System Settings table at the top of the screen allows the user to define the various control scenarios for each electric lighting zone and gives some general performance information.

The right side of this table contains buttons that update and change the Photosensor System Performance plots on the bottom of the page.

The Back button will take you back to the design portion of the program. Note that any changes made may trigger the software to recalculate.

The Next button will take you to the final Annual Analysis screen.


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