The Daylighting Results screen presents the Design Day workplane illuminance throughout the year and various annual daylighting metrics. By this point in the program, SPOT has calculated a sampling of climate calibrated ‘Design Day’ sky conditions (the days and times of which are specified on the Advanced Options pages) and has performed annual climate-based daylighting simulations using the TMY2 file or other climate data selected. Note, that while the design day conditions and annual average estimates with this method will be fairly accurate and represent typical conditions for the given climate, they may never exactly represent a future partly cloudy sky condition.

The Design Day and Annual Metric Table and associated plots and spatial binning can be used to inform the user of the range of potential daylight distributions in the space throughout the year. Both illuminance plots and perspective renderings can be generated for the range of design conditions. With this information the user can start making decisions regarding the quality and quantity of daylight and inform any refinements in the luminaire zoning.

The Interactive View button can be selected at any time and will launch an interactive viewing (rview) window for the current daylight condition selected in the table, except when an the annual average, maximum or an annual metric is selected. For any clear or cloudy sky design condition selected, this will generate a rendering showing the distribution of light under daylighting only (no electric lighting). This can be a good way to understand how the space will look under extreme conditions and how the luminous environment will vary throughout the year. If a large maximum number exists for a certain condition, the rendering can help illustrate why this is happening, where it is coming from and whether it is a problematic glare incident.

Selecting the View Report button will activate the Daylighting Reports screen which allows for a variety of annual daylight metric reports to be reviewed and copied or printed.

Selecting the View Climate Days button will activate the Detailed Climate Specific results page. This page will display the simulated daylight illuminance, based on the given weather data, for any occupied day and time throughout the year.

The Copy Table button can be used to make a copy of the entire Annual Daylight Workplane Illuminance table. This puts an image of the table onto the clipboard which can then be directly pasted into any other MS Office document such as Word or Powerpoint. To get the image into another format, it can be first be pasted into any excel cell as a picture and then copied from there.

At this point, if the daylighting results do not correspond well with the defined luminaire zones or there are other errors or changes needed to the model, the user can click the Back buttons. However, depending on the changes made, certain calculations may have to be recalculated. When pressed, the Next button will initiate sectional renderings of the space (if selected on the Advanced Options screen) and will activate the Photosensor Generator page only if Electric Lighting has been input into the model.


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