The Site and Climate screen allows the user to set the projects location and associated climated file, acccess shade control settings for window treatments in the model, and define the space usage schedule throughout the year.

The Climate Selection and Site Information fields allow the user to set the project’s location and the associated climate file to use.

The Schedule fields are used to define weekly and annual occupancy schedules for the modeled space.

If any blinds or shades have been added on the geometry input page, the user will see the Shade Control button on the Site and Usage screen which will activate the Shade Control screen. This screen allows advanced shade control settings to be made. If these settings are not made manually by entering the Shade Control screen, the window shown to the right, will appear upon hitting the Next button. This window allows the user to either still enter the Shade Control screen to make more advanced shade control setting, select fixed or manual control, or select the automatic default shade settings. The default automatic shade settings uses a sensor placement and setpoint set in the same way as discussed in the Advance Shade Control section.

Selecting the Back button will take you back to the Geometry Input page. Depending on what changes are made different simulations may be retriggered.

Selecting the Next button from this screen will execute the daylighting calculations and activate the Electric Lighting Results screen. These will run in a SPOT calculation window, which can be minimized while reviewing the next screen. The user will be limited to this next screen until the calculations are finished.


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