Reports can be automatically created and printed to take onsite for commissioning the modeled space and photosensor system. The figure to the right shows the first portion of the report that gives the photosensor image, actual commissioning settings in terms of the controllers setting options along with any important manufacturer commissioning notes. Systems that are set by dimming the electric lights have SPOT commissioning settings given in terms of nighttime illuminance. Only the controller range tested in the Photosensor Specifier Report are available for interpolation for the SPOT commissioning reports therefore SPOT might not be able to give settings for some combinations of controllers and settings entered on the Photosensor Analyzer page. This can be a sign of a system that is difficult to commission but not necessarily limited in commissioning ability, so consult the manufacturer in these circumstances.

The View Position Page brings up the photosensor positioning commissioning report page. The image to the right shows the 2nd part of the commissioning report that gives a summary of photocell location, aiming and rotation. This should be taken to the field as well because a system can only be commissioned properly with the setpoints given in SPOT if the photocell is in the proper position.

The Print button can be used to print all pages of the commissioning report. Regardless of the current page selected, hitting the print button will allow the user to send each page of the report to the printer.


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