5.4. Intensity/Duration/Frequency (IDF) Analysis

1. By clicking on Analysis Tools from the Monitoring Station pop-up menu and selecting the IDF Analysis option from the drop-down menu, a new tab will open with the analysis tool:

2. Enter the design storm name to be used in the analysis to use a design storm set different than the default design storms

3. The flow monitoring station attribute (i.e. time of concentration) will auto-populate in the tool if the station has the attribute assigned to it in Station Details. You can also select “Enter [attribute]” from the drop-down menu of the attributes to manually enter a value

4. Rainfall event(s) can be selected or if the event you are looking for is not in the default list, you can left-click Configure Events to change the event selection settings:

5. You can now view the results for the events chosen:

6. The graph at the top of screen displays the captured peak rainfall intensity of the events over various time intervals. Use the mouse cursor to hover over the graph to see values for each line plotted: the time of concentration (light blue line), the design storms intensity curves (grey lines), the captured peak rainfall intensity curve for the entire monitoring period (red line) and the peak intensity curves for the events chosen (r a i n b o w lines)

7. The Return Frequency table at the middle-left of the screen indicates the return period of each event chosen based on the time of concentration (Tc) of the flow monitoring station and the design storms selected

8. Many statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be found in the summary table displayed at the bottom of the screen based on the captured rainfall events chosen

Please contact Smart City Water if you require any clarification regarding the calculation or interpretation of the output of the analysis tools.

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