v2.00.2 – September 20, 2022

New features

-Materials N-Panel can be hidden from the addon preferences
-A floating menu can be used instead with a custom shortcut set in the addon preferences
-New Baking feature available directly from the Sanctus Library (BETA) – Shader Editor N-Panel
How to bake from Sanctus Library

New tools

Brick Coordinates – Completely reworked, a base nodegroup to create all sorts of tiles and bricks, it can be combined with tools like tile slicer and tile cracks.
sky_01 – World shader group node, plug it on the material output of a world shader.
normal_bake – converts bump output to normal map

New Materials

Led materials(5) – Emission – led_pulse, led_switch, led_hue_gradient, led_spectrum, led_failing (eevee / cycles) – works better with bloom on eevee
Velvet (4) – Fabrics – eevee/cycles
Stone Wall (4) – Buildings – cycles with displacement
Painted Concrete (1) – Buildings – cycles with displacement
Paint Strokes (1) – Toon – eevee
Image to Paint (1) – Others – eevee/cycles (converts photos to paintings)
Anodized Aluminium (4) – Metals – eevee/cycles
PU Leather (1) – Fabrics – eevee/cycles
Perforated (4) – Others – eevee/cycles


-Stylized_Wood_Planks_01 Material had an incorrect material linked
-Tile Slicer Tool had an incorrect calculation that shifted slices to the same side instead of away from the center, added new inputs and outputs to work better with the tiles tools.
-Tile cracks added new inputs and outputs to work better with tiles tools
-Materials affected by Tile Slicer Tool error are also fixed (Desert Stone Tiles set of 4 materials)
-Cells Texture Tool: added a replace vector input and a random color per cell output
-Added baking outputs to every bake compatible material

v2.00.1 – August 21, 2022
New Materials:
Detailed Snow (1) – Water Category
Sponge (4) – Synthetics Category
Stylized Sand / underwater (4) – Stylized Category
Pottery Clay (4) – Others Category
Hamburger Meat (1) – Food Category
Meat Balls (1) – Food Category
Asphalt (4) – Buildings Category
Gems (5) – Stones Category
Desert Stone Tiles (4) – Buildings Category
Old Brick Wall (4) – Buildings Category
Concrete (4) – Buildings Category
Fur/Hair (2) – Experimental Category
Old Painted Planks (4) – Buildings Category

New Tools:
Fur/Hair Texture – Tools/Textures
tile cracks – Tools/Smart Masks
tile slicer – Tools/Smart Masks

Granite Pink: text and coordinates fix
Stone Tiles (4): Added Scale control, great improvement on the way the heights mix to give a more intuitive control of ground/tiles/water.
Fake Caustics and Dispersion Glass: Added IOR control

v2.00.0 – July 21, 2022
New Shader Tools
Coordinates: Brick, Hex, Radial, Checkers, Random, Voxel
Patterns: Art Deco 01, Rings, Truchet 01, Truchet 02
Smart Masks: Edges Detect
Smart Modules: Edge Wear
Textures: Cables, Caustics, Cells, Cloud, Cracks, Dents, Marks, Scratches, Voxel Noise
Utils: RGB to CMYK, Combine CMYK

New Materials
Architectural Glass (9) – Cycles recommended, on eevee the color/tint is not projected
Glass with fake refraction and caustics – Cycles recommended
Hex Tiles (4) – Cycles Displacement
Car Paint 2 (4) – Cycles / eevee
eevee thin glass – eevee only
eevee solid glass – eevee only

-Improved Asset Browser – Now has Categories & Thumbnails
-New icons to help identify a few things about materials

v1.00.7 – July 5, 2022
New Materials:
Aging Tiles (5) – Cycles + Displacement Only
Roof Tiles (4) – Cycles + Displacement Only
Stone Floor (4) – Cycles + Displacement Recommended
Stylized Planks (4) – Cycles + Displacement Recommended
Damaged Cardboard – Cycles + Displacement Recommended

Smart Metal – Fixed dents to reveal the metal underneath the paint

v1.00.6 – June 7, 2022
New Materials:
Car Paint (4) – eevee/cycles
Marble (4): Calacatta, Marquina Black, Travertine, Guatemala Green – eevee and cycles
Stone (4) – eevee/cycles

*Added Asset Browser edition of Sanctus Library, you can download the file on the store where you bought the addon.
How to install the Asset Library version:

v1.00.5 – May 4, 2022
Chainmail – Fixed specular mask (there was a mask making the metal look less real and opaque)

New Materials:
TR4 Resin (4) – Cycles Recommended
Plastic (4)
Cardboard (4)
Foam (4) – Cycles Only

v1.00.4 – April 5, 2022

-New Materials:
Sci-Fi Panels 01 (4)
Sci-Fi Panels 02 (4)
Rubber (4)

-Compatibility with Blender 3.1
-New documentation button on the addon panel

v1.00.3 – March 7, 2022

All materials – Height, tilt and bump limits increased to adapt to a wide range of object scales
Baking: Easy to bake outputs added on almost every material to make baking of procedural textures simple for those who need it.
Reduced the weight of blend files and thumbnail images leading to a significantly smaller addon file size (close to 50% of the original size).
Chocolates – Added 2 nut shapes, Chocolate Coated Nuts control (how many nuts are still covered with chocolate and how many are exposed)
Expanded polystyrene – Reworked surface too look more accurate.
Gold, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Iron – Fixed the scale control on some textures that was not working and Added Bump Control.

New Materials:
Superhero Fabrics (4) – Soap Bubble – Ice (4)

Smart Masks (Beta):
Cracks, Clouds, Edges

Smart Modules (Beta):
Edge Wear

v1.00.1 – February 8, 2022
New Materials:
Chainmail (4)
Herringbone Wood Floor (4)
Chocolate (4)

v1.00.0 – February 4, 2022
First version released with 88 materials


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