When you’re ready to take calls, open up the “Calls” tab on your Control Panel. Every incoming call will pop up an information bar like this:

Until the call has been answered, the Agent ID will show as -1. Once an agent answers the call, you’ll see the Agent ID update. So let’s say you’re Agent #1 and you take the call. You’ll hear the whisper message “December Special”, repeating until you put in your Agent ID by pressing “1” on your phone. You can control the number of times it will repeat before going to voicemail by going to the Account Info section of the My Account page.

Once you enter your Agent ID, The display updates like this:

You hear a beep and now you’re connected to the caller. Now you can record the result of the call if you want, and that will enable TrackMyAd™ to track results per call and per agent. Click on the button for the call you’re on, and the upper part of the screen fills in. Do this any time before the call terminates, and it will stay there even after you complete the call. If you need to go back after the call has completed, as long as you know the Call ID, you can fill that in and click “EDIT”. The Call ID is shown on your phone when a call comes in.

Click on the button that best represents the outcome of the call, fill in any notes you like, and click “COMPLETE”. That records the result and it will figure in to the stats for this ad.

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