The “My Account” section of the website gives you access to all the account-level settings for your Track My Ad account.

  • Add Numbers: Acquire new phone numbers for your account. If we have them in inventory, your numbers will be active immediately. Otherwise it can take a few days so be sure to plan ahead!
  • Remove Numbers: Delete numbers from your account when you’re no longer using them.
  • Manage Agents: Set up your agent IDs and names, for use in tracking calls and results per agent.
  • Change Plan: You can change your TrackMyAd service plan any time.
  • Account Info: Here’s where you manage the details of call timing and forwarding, payment information, and contact information.

Under “Call Handling” in the “Account Info” section, you have these options:

  • Record all calls – by default the system records all calls. Uncheck this box to disable call recording. This will also remove the initial message “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”.
  • Forward to: this is the default number for forwarding calls, and it will be set on any new numbers you acquire.
  • Answer Timeout: after this many seconds, unanswered calls will go to voicemail. If you have disabled voicemail by setting the voice mailbox to 0 for this number, then the call will just be put through anyway, so effectively that ignores this timeout.
  • Whisper Repeat: the system will repeat the whisper message this many times, waiting for a key to be pressed. If no key is pressed after that many repetitions, the call will go to voicemail if enabled, or just be connected if not. If you set this repeat count to zero, the call will simply be connected without any whisper message.

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