In the Control Panel, click on the Numbers tab to manage your numbers. These are the elements of each number:

  • Forward Number: This is where calls will be forwarded. Normally you’d use the same forwarding number for all your ads; however, you can assign a different number to each one if that works better for you.
  • Whisper: this is the brief message that will play when you answer a call. This works best if it’s just a few words that will quickly identify the ad for you. When you change this, it is recorded immediately by our text-to-speech system. You can record it yourself if you like, using the admin access process. You can eliminate the whisper message by setting the repeat count to zero in the “account information” page.
  • Info: this is a fuller description of the ad, which will pop up on the web interface when this number is called.
  • VM: the voice mailbox for this ad. You can use the same voice mail box for all ads, or create a separate one for each ad. You can record your own greetings as well as pick up voice messages by using the admin access process. To eliminate voicemail, set this to zero.
  • Start, End, Cost: Enter the starting and ending date for this ad, and the total cost. This will enable TrackMyAd™ to show you costs per call and cost per result.

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