The Calls, Results, and Costs graph is similar to the Calls, Minutes, Results graph. It includes a calculated cost per call and cost per result. For example:

This graph shows the same calculation for results as in the previous example.. In addition, it shows the cost per call and cost per result. This is calculated as follows:

The total ad cost was given as $1,000 in the Numbers table. The system checks to see whether the entire run of the ad was competed before the end date of the stats display. If not, the cost is adjusted accordingly. In this case the full run was complete, so we take the full $1,000 as the cost of the ad. Dividing that by the number of calls, 7, gives the result for cost per call: $142.86.

The same logic is applied to calculating the cost per result. The value of the “result” calculation is 3.67. Divide $1,000 by 3.67 and that gives the cost per result: $272.48.

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