QCS wants scriptural guidelines for the purpose of teaching, learning and growing in grace. Culture and tradition, while important, must play a secondary role to God’s Word. QCS should be an environment of mutual respect, where individuals experience personal growth without infringing on others. Any behavior that is inconsistent with the Christian life is unacceptable.

Everyone falls short of loving each other as Christ intends. The Bible instructs us to deal with our failures by going to the person who has offended us or to the person we have offended. Learning to be humble, confessing sin, forgiving wrongdoing, making restoration, and promoting reconciliation are Christian mandates QCS wants promoted.

Here are some specifics about putting these goals into practice:

  1. Students should accept responsibility for being a scholar by demonstrating diligence and consistency in daily class work. Care for others by being friendly and respectful, offering help, providing comfort, welcoming visitors, guests, and new students, looking out for younger students, refusing to spread gossip or rumors are also ingredients of our learning.
  2. QCS Students should understand that there are many ways people fall short of God’s holy standard. Some of these ways include: using, distributing, or selling illegal drugs; disrespect; profanity (in any language); aggressive physical behavior; disrespect of property, which includes littering and theft.
  3. Parents please know the rules and support efforts to teach students responsible behaviors. Please attend school functions, athletic events, and parent-teacher conferences. Communicate with teachers about your child’s needs. Please support QCS through prayer and volunteering your time for projects and committees. Finally parents please fulfill all financial responsibilities to the school.
  4. Faculty and staff should provide diligent, responsible care and attention for the needs of each child while recognizing spiritual, academic, and social needs. Faculty and staff should provide regular communication to students and parents to monitor learning and behavior and to communicate school activities and functions. QCS teachers and staff are available to discuss your concerns and to pray for students and parents.
  5. Trouble comes when any member of the community rejects school or community guidelines or rejects the authority of those responsible for interpreting and applying the guidelines by behaving in a disrespectful, unloving manner. All stakeholders should honor the responsibilities to QCS and the guidelines described in this Handbook.