• Students are never to bring food or drinks into the buildings. Food and drinks must be consumed in the cafeteria are only (See Food section for more information)
  • Family members (including drivers or maids or messengers) are not to disturb a class. Messages, lunch tickets, or other items may be left at the office to be picked up or delivered to the student (See “Campus for more information)
  • QCS reserves the right to limit video game and electronic device usage on campus at any time. Please see Cell Phones for specific information regarding device use on campus.
  • Weapons, firecrackers, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are not permitted on campus or at QCS activities.
  • Pornography is not permitted on campus.

Taking personal responsibility is a great place to start when confronted with improper behavior. Followers of Jesus Christ deal with sin and its effects according to the Bible. This includes:

  1. admonition (“You shouldn’t have skipped class”)
  2. confession (“I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to do that.”)
  3. restitution (“I’ll pay for the damages – I’ll replace the materials I took”)
  4. reconciliation (I forgive you; let’s restore our relationship.”)

When this successfully happens, we grow through our failures and mistakes.