Academic probation is a formal status that serves as a warning that academics are below standard and must improve in order to remain in good standing at QCS. Two or more D’s or one F on a report card results in academic probation; students who remain on academic probation for two semesters may be asked to withdraw from QCS or face expulsion. For elementary and middle school, probation is determined by the marks at the end of each quarter. For high school, probation is determined by the marks at the end of the semester.

Behavioral probation is a formal status that warns parents and students that a change in the student’s behavior and/or attitude is needed and expected in order for that student to remain at QCS.

  • All new students are on informal behavioral probation for the first semester period. Students on informal probation may participate in all school activities.
  • Students who repeatedly ignore rules, receive unsatisfactory conduct grades, or fail to respect their teachers or peers will be placed on Behavioral Probation.
  • The principal, in consultation with the administration and teachers, may place students on probation for violating the Honor Code.
  • The parents will be notified of this status and will need to meet with the principal and other staff members to find solutions to the misbehavior.
  • Students who are on Behavioral Probation for two quarters may be asked to withdraw from QCS or face expulsion:

Expulsion can be initiated by the Head of School. This is the most serious consequence of wrongdoing, and is used when either the offense is particularly serious or when students refuse to submit to authority and keep the school guidelines. Expulsion becomes a part of the student’s permanent record. While expelled students are not normally readmitted to QCS, after being out of QCS for a year, parents can petition for readmission. Students who have been dismissed or are withdrawn from school will not be allowed on campus (during school hours or for after-school events) without the specific permission of the school administration.