QCS places a high value on scholarship and intellectual integrity. Honest authorship of academic work is valued. Dishonestly claiming authorship – a form of lying, cheating, and stealing – undermines the educational process. This can also damage relationships between teachers and students and students with their peers.

Plagiarism seriously destroys opportunities for learning. Plagiarism is also illegal. QCS takes all cases seriously (Please see Consequences for more information). Helping someone cheat, or supplying answers, is just as serious as receiving answers or copying someone’s work.

Plagiarism includes the following:

  1. Cheating on tests, quizzes, reports, papers, or homework by either giving or receiving answers or working off a “cheat sheet.”
  2. Presenting the work of another person as your own work.
  3. Recycling previous work.

In many classes students are encouraged to help other students or to collaborate on work but not copy from each other. Homework assignments are not to be shared with other students to copy. If there is a question about the degree of collaboration allowed or the types of help that students can give other students, ask the teacher.