QCS students have the opportunity to take courses online through third-party providers. These online course providers work in partnership with QCS. Students are assigned real teachers who stay in contact with students via Skype, email, and instant messaging.

An online course may be taken in one of three situations: if a student has failed a class and needs to retake; if a student transfers from another school lacking a required class; if a student desires to take a class that is not offered at QCS (for example, an AP course). Parents are required to pay for courses if one or more of these situations applies.

Grades obtained through third-party online course providers are merged into the official QCS transcript and are included in the GPA. Failure to complete an online course is treated in the same way as failure to complete a face-to-face course. Signing up for an online course is assumed to be a sign of intent to complete, and the failing grade would also be entered on the QCS transcript. For more information regarding third-party online courses, please contact our Online Coordinator.