I. QCS will integrate Biblical values and principles into the curricular and co-­curricular activities of the school life by:

  • Making staff members aware of methods and occasions for presenting and integrating Biblical values and principles.
  • Trying to select texts and materials that integrate Biblical values or principles and identifying conflict points within any material that may violate Scriptural teaching.
  • Selecting certified, qualified teachers and staff who are dedicated to the integration of Biblical values and principles in their teaching and life styles.
  • Giving opportunities for student discernment and decision-­making based on Biblical values and principles.
  • Developing activity policies based on Biblical values and principles.

II. QCS will assist parents in fulfilling their God-­given responsibility of educating their child (children) by:

  • Providing a quality academic curriculum
  • Providing qualified Christian faculty and staff
  • Providing clear and timely information to the parents concerning student progress and potential.

III. QCS will encourage students to discover and develop their God-­given potential with a Christian mindset, values, perspectives, and lifestyle by:

  • Presenting the Gospel and providing opportunities for each student to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Encouraging consistent spiritual growth
  • Providing consistent Christian examples that demonstrate the Lordship of Christ
  • Providing testing and guidance services for the purpose of evaluation, self-information and career guidance.
  • Encouraging and providing an atmosphere of service.
  • Teaching students to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Providing a Biblically based discipline program that encourages personal self-control, self-discipline, and respect for themselves and others.