Forty-six credits (semester units) and 30 hours of community service per year are required for graduation from QCS. These requirements are the school’s minimum standard. Students are encouraged to take as many challenging courses as possible. Specific college requirements should be checked early in one’s high school career so that the student can plan accordingly.

All Students Must Have The Following Credits To Graduate:

1. Bible (1 credit for each semester enrolled at QCS): 8 credits
2. English: 8 credits
3. Fine arts: 1 credit
4. Foreign language: 4 credits
5. Mathematics: 6 credits
6. PE/health: 5 credits
7. Science: 6 credits
8. Social studies: 6 credits
9. Elective credits to add to a total of 46 credits

Exceptions to the graduation requirements may be granted by the director.