Responsible Learners who

1. Understand Bible stories, the plan of salvation, and a Christian worldview.
2. Understand subject content and skills.
3. Integrate content and skills from different subjects.
4. Value lifelong learning.
5. Use appropriate learning strategies.

Discerning Thinkers who

1. Use a biblical perspective.
2. Solve problems.
3. Organize and use information to support conclusions.
4. Make creative products and presentations.

Productive Collaborators who

1. Respect themselves and others as being created in God’s image.
2. Work effectively with others.

Effective Communicators who

1. Communicate through writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
2. Integrate different forms of communication through the use of technology and fine arts.
3. Communicate in standard English and attain at least an intermediate level in a second language.

Faithful Caretakers who

1. Serve God and others, both locally and globally, and care for God’s creation.
2. Value and maintain physical, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual health.