During a crisis such as serious political unrest, a demonstration, or a strike, the school may be closed. The Head of School will communicate necessary information regarding closures. If you have questions, call the school at 2816-3000 or 2816-4000, check for email updates, or contact a teacher. If QCS remains closed for an extended period of time, please review the information in the Distance Learning section of the handbook for specific instructions on accessing schoolwork.

The school recognizes that the children are parents’ responsibility. If there are times you choose to keep your child at home because of security, simply notify the school.

In the aftermath of a disaster (whether an earthquake, political crisis, or a similar emergency) that occurs while school is in session:

  1. Until a general “all clear” statement is issued, students will not be permitted to leave campus without administrative consent or being accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. No student will use the QCS telephone unless directed. Cell phones may be used with permission.
  3. The school will always have emergency supplies of food and water.
  4. Parental responsibilities include advising children of the necessary actions and responsibilities if delayed en route to or from school and ensuring that the QCS office always has up-to-date phone numbers and email addresses on file.