QCS expects faculty, administration, staff, and students to dress appropriately for all school events. This would include QCS events on or off campus and on weekends.

The school expects parents to make sure their students follow the dress code outlined below for both regular uniform and non-uniform days. The elementary and secondary principals will have the final word in interpreting the dress code.

Regular Uniform Guidelines:

Uniform Shirts: Students have the option of QCS embroidered shirts in white, purple or yellow.

Uniform Pants & Shorts: Students have the option of “French Toast” navy or khaki flat-front pants OR shorts that are close to the knee in length. Girls in grades Pre-K to Grade 5 have the option to wear a “French Toast” navy school skirt in addition to the pants and shorts, and girls in grades Pre-K to Grade 1 may wear a “French Toast” navy jumper.


Sweat Shirts: Students will have the option of QCS embroidered plain gray, white or black zip front. No other sweat shirts, sweaters or jackets will be permitted.
Shoes: Students are to wear closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops, sandals or Crocs (Clogs) are not permitted.
Hats and head wraps (scarves, bandanas, etc.) are not permitted.

Non-Uniform Day Guidelines:

Non-uniform days are scheduled for the last school day of each quarter. Other days may be declared as non-uniform days and announced through the school newsletter. Students arriving in non-uniform dress on a regular uniform day will not be allowed in class.

On non-uniform days, students may choose to wear the QCS uniform or clothes that meet the following guidelines:

  • Clothes should be modest. All shirts and tops must not expose the midriff or back. Shorts, skirts, and dresses are not to be shorter than 3 inches above the kneecap.
  • For students in Pre-K through Grade 3, shorts and skirts should be mid-thigh.
  • Clothes must not have words or pictures that are inappropriate or promote products or activities that are inconsistent with the school’s principles and values.
  • Clothes for PE classes and after school activities should be modest, not revealing, too short, or too tight.
  • Pants must be worn properly.