• High School students must take a minimum of 6 credit classes per semester. Six courses and a study hall are considered a full course load.
  • If the principal, in consultation with teachers, believes the student can take more than 6 credits, an exception may be granted to the 6 credit guideline.
  • Dropping / adding courses: students may drop/add an elective within the first two weeks of the semester with permission from the principal.
  • Students enrolled in yearlong electives are expected to take the class for both semesters, though passing first semester is a prerequisite for taking second semester.
  • Credit is granted if a student completes a course with a grade of D- (60%) or higher. Credit is not granted when a student earns an F (below 60%).

The following requirements have been established for promotion:

  1. A freshman must earn 10 credits to become a sophomore.
  2. A sophomore must earn 21 credits to become a junior.
  3. A junior must earn 34 credits to become a senior.
  4. A senior must earn 46 credits to graduate.