Middle and high school students may use the QCS student computers and internet for school-related work in a manner that is consistent with the mission and educational purpose of QCS.

The purpose of the computer lab and Internet access is to support research and education. Students will be instructed to avoid objectionable materials and be encouraged to be responsible users in line with the the Acceptable Use Policy below.

Acceptable Use Policy:

  1. The Internet is to be used for school-related research and assignments.
  2. Students are not to join chat rooms at school.
  3. The Internet offers access to information that is inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to inappropriate music, pornographic materials, vulgarity, gambling, militant/extremist materials, etc. It is expected that students will not access information of this sort. The supervising teacher reserves the right to deem whether information is appropriate and will limit use accordingly.
  4. Material obtained through research on the internet and then used in academic work for QCS is to be properly documented (see Plagiarism).
  5. Students need to obtain permission from the teacher supervising the computer lab to print.
  6. Students are not permitted to alter or change any settings on the school computers. Students are to respect the need for security/confidentiality and are to make no effort to bypass security systems and gain access to information that they do not have a right to see. Nothing is to be installed or downloaded to the school computers without permission from the technology director.
  7. The use of computer games is not permitted unless the game is part of a class assignment or a QCS approved activity.
  8. Shared disks can spread viruses. All disks used on school computers must be virus checked prior to use.
  9. Students should have their own jump drives.
  10. There shall be no copyright law violations. If you have any questions about what constitutes a violation, please see the QCS computer instructor.
  11. Sound must be turned off, except when it is being used as part of the class. Headphones should be handled with care.
  12. Students are not to have food or drinks in the QCS Computer Lab.
  13. Students must leave the computer lab if the last teacher leaves. Students may use the computer labs outside of school hours only while a teacher is on duty.
  14. Students may not plug their laptops into the LAN, or try to gain access to the wireless network.
  15. Laptops may only be brought to class to be used for note taking or other educational purposes with the teacher’s permission. Laptops are not to be charged at school.
  16. Violations of computer policy may result in a cancellation of network and Internet privileges.