The QCS campus is clearly defined by gates and walls. The campus is private property reserved for the use of QCS community members and guests by invitation only.

A. Official supervision by teachers begins at 7:15am and ends at 4:00pm each day, Monday through Friday. QCS assumes no responsibility for children who come to school early or are picked up late. It is the parent’s job to monitor the whereabouts of children and to exercise appropriate intervention outside of school hours.

B. Students should be on campus by 7:50am (8:50am on Mondays) in time to prepare for the school day. Once students are on campus, students must remain in common areas until permitted to enter classrooms. The morning whistle blows 5 minutes prior to 8:00am (9:00am Mondays) at which time all students are expected to immediately report to their classrooms.

C. Students are not permitted to leave campus until school is over, except by parent permission (written or verbal). Parents must sign the student out at the front office and wait for QCS personnel to bring the student to the office.

D. The elementary porches are off limits to all students before and after school.

E. At no time should students be inside a QCS facility without the permission and supervision of an adult.

F. Elementary students should stay away from the secondary building, and secondary students should stay away from the elementary building (with the exception of scheduled classes).

G. High school students may not loiter by the middle school classrooms during break or lunch.

H. Students must not climb on walls, buy from vendors through or over the wall, or ask guards or staff to do so.

I. All guard shelters are off-limits to students

J. Students are not to be in the driveways or parking lots (including vehicles) unless arriving or leaving campus.