Here is a quick list of steps:

  • You plug in our SKY-BRIDGE router to AC power and an internet connection,
  • Make sure all installed PhDs are powered up,
  • Then plug in our low voltage safe-to-touch parts,
  • They appear magically on our app/web interface within 5 minutes. (Faster if you recycle power to the SKY-Bridge)
  • You create Locations where they reside
  • You tell us which Devices are in which locations
  • You then decide what should happen when things you enter the room, or the Location gets natural light..
  • We try to guess what you want to have happen if someone touches a switch, or someone triggers an occupancy sensor; but if our guess is wrong, you get to edit our choices as you see fit.

Check the Overview section for a video showing how this is done.
Then check out the other sections to see individual features in more detail.


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