Carefully selecting high school courses is an important process. Each year, with the advice and consultation of parents/guardians and the school counselor, students should consider both teacher recommendations and their own educational and career goals when making their course selections. Students should read and review the following guidelines before choices are made. Once courses are selected, students and parents should refer to the illustrated Infinite Campus portal pages for entering course requests into the Infinite Campus portal.

  1. Student course requests determine which classes are offered the following year and how many sections are offered for each course. It is imperative that all students and parents give careful consideration to course requests at this time. Please review the Program Planning Guide and see teachers or the assigned school counselor for questions.
  2. Students should make certain that they select a total of 16 units in Infinite Campus. This includes lunch and PE. Course numbers that end in “1” are taught during the first semester, and course numbers that end in “2” are taught during the second semester. Full year courses are represented in the course list with a dash (-) in between the first and second semester numbers. A student needs a total of 8 units for each semester. He or she may designate preference (semester one or two) for certain courses; however, students need to be aware that courses may be moved by administration in order to balance the total school schedule.
  3. As a student selects courses, he or she should consider District 203 graduation requirements, personal needs, and individual interests. If attending college is in future plans, a student should also consider the minimum college admission requirements for the colleges or universities to which he or she may apply. See the “College and NCAA” section for more information.
  4. We strongly encourage every student to consider enrolling in at least one Advanced Placement or Dual Credit Course and one Blended or Online course during their high school experience. School counselors are available to help students make decisions when these courses are appropriate given the overall rigor of the student’s selected coursework. Please note that an online course counts as one of a student’s seven scheduled classes, and students taking an online course are required to have a study hall, late arrival or early dismissal in their schedule.
  5. High School students will meet with their school counselors at an assigned time during the months of January or February. Eighth grade students will also meet with a high school counselor in early February to finalize course selections. Dates will be posted in all participating D203 buildings. When students meet with their school counselors, course requests that were entered into the student portal will be discussed and finalized.

IMPORTANT NOTES: After this course verification meeting, students will be unable to make changes to courses. What is entered into Infinite Campus will be scheduled. Parents and students should print the course requests before the Infinite Campus portal closes in February. Eighth grade students will receive a verification of courses scheduled in late May or early June, either by e-mail or US Mail. Current high school students will not be mailed a course verification letter, so it is critical to print course selections from the Infinite Campus portal. Once course selection is complete, students are expected to keep the courses they have selected. In some cases, courses may not run due to insufficient enrollment. Additionally, a requested course may conflict with another requested course. In these cases, the high school counselor will contact the student to make another selection.

Course changes will ONLY be made for the following reasons:

  • Failure of a course
  • Misplacement in a course
  • Completion of a summer school or district-approved course
  • College or university admissions requirement
  • Dropping for study hall

Students will receive their schedule at high school registration in August. These schedules are final, and students will not be allowed to:

  • Change the order of classes
  • Request specific instructors
  • Change lunch periods
  • Change study hall periods


The Four Year Plan sheet can be a useful tool in tracking progress toward graduation and post-secondary choices. We encourage each family to work together in selecting courses for next year and monitoring the Four Year Plan.