College Information

High School course requirements for college admission vary widely from school to school. Listed below are guidelines recommended to help ensure that students have met minimum college admission requirements. It is recommended that all college-bound students attempt to meet these requirements. Students are advised to consult websites or contact each college or university individually for details.

Credits Content Area
4* English (written and oral communications and literature)
3 Social Studies (emphasizing history and government)
3-4 Mathematics (algebra, geometry, algebra 2, precalculus
3 Science (laboratory sciences)
2** World & Classical Languages (2 years of same language)
1** Fine Art (music, theatre, art)

(*) Not all senior level Communication Arts courses are approved by NCAA/NAIA. Please check the approved course list using the links provided below.
(**) These requirements vary widely among post-secondary institutions

NCAA/NAIA Athletic Eligibility: Academic Preparation for College Athletics

Students who aspire to participate in athletics at NCAA Division I or II or NAIA universities or colleges must meet minimum academic requirements for participation. These standards often change and are not negotiable. Additionally, students are required to register on the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center websites by the beginning of a student’s senior year. For more information on eligibility requirements, students should contact their school counselor and visit the following:
NAIA Eligibility Center:
NCAA Eligibility Center: