In order to graduate from District 203 High Schools, a student will be required to earn 21 credits during high school. Each semester-long class warrants 0.5 credit (excluding Lunch, Study Hall, and Driver Education). Each year-long class merits 1.0 credit. No class may be used to satisfy two graduation requirements, nor can classes that are “passed” on the first attempt be taken again for replacement grades or additional credit. Students should seek out their assigned school counselor for clarification of any D203 policies regarding coursework, credits, and grading.

District 203 High School Graduation Requirements:

Communication Arts — 4.0 credits
Students are required to take and pass four years of Communication Arts. See Communication Arts section for specific courses recommended for each grade level.

Mathematics — 3.0 credits
Students are required to complete at least Algebra 1 and a mathematics course with geometry content in order to fulfill the mathematics requirement. In addition to courses listed in the Mathematics Department, one mathematics credit may be fulfilled by successfully completing AP Computer Science A, Accounting or Honors College Accounting.

Science — 2.0 credits
In addition to courses listed in the Science Department, the following courses meet District 203 Science graduation requirements, but may not meet college admission Science requirements: Introduction to Horticulture, Companion Animal Science 1, Companion Animal Science 2, Veterinary Science, Research & Design and Food Science.

Social Studies — 2.5 credits
Students must complete 0.5 credit of American Government and 1.0 credit of US History. Some students may elect to take American Studies, which fulfills the requirement for US History. A passing grade in an American Government class satisfies the Illinois State requirement for high school students to pass the federal and state constitution tests. Students must also take an additional 1.0 credit of electives in Social Studies.

Fine Arts — 0.5 credit
The Fine Arts requirement is satisfied by passing any semester-long course in the Fine Arts Department (all Music, Art, and Theatre classes).

Career and Technical Education — 1.0 credit
The Career and Technical Education requirement may be satisfied by passing two semesters of coursework within the following areas: Business Technology, Family and Consumer Science, or Technology and Engineering Education.

Physical Education — 3.5 credits
Every student is required by Illinois School Code to enroll in and pass a Physical Education course during each semester of attendance, except when enrolled in Health Education. Exceptions will be considered for those students in grades 11 or 12, in accordance with the Board of Education policy 5129.1, Physical Education Waiver.

Health Education — 0.5 credit
Health Education is a graduation requirement traditionally taken during a student’s sophomore year.

Consumer Economics — 0.5 credit
The Consumer Economics requirement may be satisfied by passing one of the following courses in the CTE department: Consumer Economics, Blended Consumer Economics, Online Consumer Economics. This requirement may also be met by taking the following courses in the Social Studies Department: Economics or both AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics.


The Four Year Plan sheet can be a useful tool in tracking progress toward graduation and post-secondary choices. We encourage each family to work together in selecting courses for next year and monitoring the Four Year Plan.