Welcome to Naperville Community School District’s online High School Program Planning Guide. This guide is provided to assist students, parents, and guardians in the planning and registration process. Students must meet all course, credit, and graduation requirements prior to graduation. The online Program Planning Guide includes a menu and search features that make finding course information quick and easy. In addition, you’ll notice that each department has an opening section that provides an overview of all courses offered in each department. We believe families will find this guide easy to navigate, but please know we’re here to partner with you and your student in the course selection process. If you have questions or would like additional information, please use the contact information provided in the directory to contact the team member that can help you in this process.

We are proud of the choices and opportunities we offer students at in Naperville District 203. We offer a strong college preparatory program that will prepare students for post-secondary success while offering extensive opportunities for students to explore career opportunities and areas of interest in our elective areas. A new section, NCUSD203 Career Pathways, has been added to the Program Planning Guide this year. This section includes 24 career pathways and details District 203 courses aligned to each pathway. Students may find this to be a useful resource when selecting their courses, particularly in our elective areas.

We encourage students to make course selection decisions based on their own unique needs and interests, and to involve their parents/guardians in the conversation as they finalize course selections for the 2019-2020 school year.

Course Load (per semester)

The minimum course load is 5 courses including PE. The maximum course load is 7 courses including PE.

Teacher Assistant

A student may elect to serve as a Teacher Assistant for one teacher per semester for 0.25 Pass/Fail credit. Teacher assistant approval forms are available in the Student Services office. Teacher Assistants cannot receive credit during lunch-time assignments.

Courses Offered at NNHS or NCHS only

Due to enrollment patterns, some courses may be offered at one high school only. Enrollment in such a course requires busing, which will be provided by the District. Students are required to ride the bus in these circumstances; exceptions will not be made.

Pass – D/F Option (“Pass/Fail”)

Students may choose to take one (1) course each semester of their junior and senior year with the Pass – D/F option. You may NOT use the Pass – D/F option in a required course. (Athletes: Be sure to check NCAA requirements regarding Pass – D/F option courses). Students should also check with colleges to be sure they will acknowledge a course Pass – D/F option.
Students must achieve an A, B, or C in the course to receive a Pass grade. If you receive a D or F, that grade will count toward your GPA and be posted on the transcript.

The Pass – D/F option application must be filled out and returned to the Student Services office within the first twenty (20) days of a semester. The application provides a complete explanation of the policy.

Repeating/Auditing Coursework

A student may not repeat a passed course to improve a grade. A student may audit a class for purposes of review or to experience the material and discussions without affecting a student’s GPA. Students who audit courses are expected to participate actively and complete all assignments and assessments. Failure to comply will result in a student being moved to a study hall. Students may not audit required classes. The audit option application must be completed and returned to the student’s counselor within the first twenty (20) days of the semester. After 20 days, a student will not be allowed to audit a course except in cases of prolonged illness, clear misplacement, or other situations as determined by the administration.

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete work must be completed no later than eight weeks into the following semester. If not completed before this deadline, a grade of “F” will be recorded unless special permission has been obtained. Incomplete grades are issued mainly for prolonged illness or illness prior to the end of the term. Students are responsible for rectifying incompletes and must make arrangements with their teachers in order to submit make-up work.

Withdrawal (W) and Withdrawal Failing (WF) Grades

Withdrawal from a course and placement into a study hall may be made without penalty during the first 20 days of the semester. After 20 days, a student will not be allowed to drop a course except in cases of prolonged illness, clear misplacement, or total withdrawal from school.

In cases of misplacement or withdrawal or illness, a “W” (withdrawal) will appear on the transcript.

If, after 20 days, a student insists on dropping a course, a “WF” (withdrawal fail) will appear on the transcript, and the student will placed into study hall. An F will be calculated in the GPA.

Level changes (referring to student misplacement) are at the discretion of the Instructional Coordinator. These cases are examined individually and may not always be possible due to class enrollment.

Adding or Dropping Courses

Students have the best opportunity for obtaining the courses they need if they make carefully-considered course selections during the course selection process. It is our expectation that students are responsible for discussing selections with interested parties – including teachers, parents, and colleges, when appropriate. Naperville North and Naperville Central High Schools will hold students accountable for the course selection decisions they make.

Early Completion of Graduation Requirements

The opportunity for early graduation is provided for students in the senior year and at the end of the junior year. Seniors must apply for early graduation before December 1, which, if approved, allows for non-attendance in the eighth semester of high school. Juniors must apply for early graduation before March 1, which, if approved, allows for non-attendance in their senior year of high school. Application forms and further information are available in Student Services. (Please note: Juniors graduating early do not receive Senior privileges such as Early Dismissal or Senior parking).

Home School Courses

Previously home-schooled students who wish to enroll in D203 high schools and receive a diploma will be required to pass a proficiency test prior to credit being granted for home school coursework.

Grading System

The grading procedures provide for regular, as well as weighted, course grades. Grade points are used to compute grade point average. Specific identification and description of those courses carrying weighted grades can be found in the respective departmental sections of this Program Planning Guide. Note below the comparative scale of regular and weighted grade points.

Grade Regular Grade Points Weighted Grade Points
A – Excellent 4 5
B – Very Satisfactory 3 4
C – Average 2 3
D – Below Average 1 1
F – Failure 0 0

Sample Schedule with grades and points earned:

Course Grade Points
Honors Biology Weighted B 4
English Literature Weighted A 5
German 3 B 3
Architectural Drawing A 4
AP Calculus AB Weighted C 3
Physical Education A 4
Grade Point Average 3.83

Transfer Credit for Weighted Coursework from other Accredited High Schools

In order for a transfer class to receive weighted credit, it must meet the following two conditions:

  1. The equivalent course at District 203 is granted weighted credit.
  2. The course was weighted at the previous high school.

Transfer Credit from Institutions other than High Schools

Students are permitted to receive up to two credits of academic work from institutions outside of District 203. These credits must be from accredited institutions, and students must secure prior-approval before taking them for transfer to the D203 transcript. Approval forms are available from your counselor.