The Academic Support offerings have been designed to focus on promoting literacy, developing academic discipline, and advancing study skills and habits. These courses are intended to be taken in conjunction with other content area classes so that the approaches to learning and studying can be transferred.

Reading Support Courses

Academic Support Reading classes are electives that are offered throughout the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Students may take a reading support class one time, or continue to remain enrolled in the available courses each year. Reading support courses earn a student elective credits.

Academic Reading: Grade 9
Sophomore Reading Seminar: Grade 10
Junior Reading Seminar: Grade 11
Senior Reading Seminar: Grade 12

The Academic/Literacy Center

The Academic/Literacy Center offers a comprehensive program of services available to all students throughout the school day. Instructional support is provided by certified staff and/or selected peer tutors in the following areas: development of reading strategies, drafting and revision of writing assignments, preparation and practice of oral presentations, enhancement of critical thinking and test-taking skills in all content areas.

The Academic/Literacy Center is open every day of student attendance. Students may make a tutoring appointment or drop in before school or during lunch periods.