Students who successfully complete the following courses will earn credit and generate a College of DuPage transcript while also earning high school credit.

District 203 HS courses that offer DUAL credit with the College of DuPage

District 203 HS Course COD Course
Health Occupations (NCHS) HLTHS1100 (Survey of Health Care Careers)
Introduction to Teaching 1 EDUCA1100 (Intro to Education)
Introduction to Teaching 2 EDUCA1101 (School Procedures 1)
Fashion Design FASHION1201 (Clothing Construction 1)
Fashion Merchandising FASHION2231 (Fashion Marketing & Merchandising)
Electronics 1 ELECT1100 (Electricity and Electron Fundamentals)
ELECT1101 (Circuits 1)
Basic Electricity ELECT1100 (Electricity and Electron Fundamentals)
Drafting 1 & Drafting 2 ARCH1211 (Basic CAD/AUTOCAD)
Graphics 1, Graphics 2, Digital Publishing & Design (NCHS)
Graphics 1, Graphics 2, Graphics 3 (NNHS)
GRDSN1101 (Intro to Design Techniques)
Computer Repair/A+ Certification CIT1111, CIT1112 (Computer and Hardware Maintenance)
Local and Wide Area Computer Networking/NET+ Certification CIT1635 (Adv. System Maintenance)
Floral Design HORT1105 (Floral Design 1)
Advanced Floral Design HORT1115 (Floral Design 2)
Automotive Maintenance (NCHS) AUTO 1040 (Automotive for Non-Majors)
French 5 FRENC2251 & FRENC2252 (Conversation and Composition 1 & 2)
Spanish 5 SPANI2251 & SPANI2252 (Conversation and Composition 1 & 2)
Multi-Variable Calculus (NNHS) MATH 2234,2245
Introduction to Business (NNHS) BUSIN1100 (Introduction to Business)