In order to prepare for independent, online learning courses at the post-secondary level, we encourage all students to take a course in the blended or online learning format while in high school.

A blended learning course integrates traditional face-to-face learning with online independent learning components. This combination offers students more flexibility in meeting course standards and provides teachers with greater ability to tailor instruction to meet the needs of each student.

On average, students enrolled in blended learning courses will attend in-class learning experiences two to three times per week. Students will engage in assigned independent learning activities during the remaining class periods each week. When students in the blended learning course are not in the classroom, they will have many options on how they will spend their independent learning time for that period. This combination of in-class and independent learning time allows students greater control over the pace, place, and path for completing their coursework.

During independent learning class periods, students have the option of staying on campus to work independently or collaboratively in designated areas of our school or, with parent permission, students may elect to be off-campus during this time. Much like a lunch period, students who stay at NNHS during independent learning class periods will be monitored, but no formal attendance will be taken. Students who leave our school campus during independent periods must adhere to the policies listed on our permission form. In both instances, students are responsible for following all school policies and procedures as listed in their handbook during independent learning periods.

Blended and online learning courses offer many benefits. In addition to increased flexibility in the school day, students will be provided the opportunity to improve their independent learning and self-advocacy skills and will become familiar with a mode of learning that will prepare them for a variety of post-high school experiences. School counselors are available to help students make decisions when these courses are appropriate given the overall rigor of the student’s selected coursework.

Naperville North High School will offer Blended and Online Learning classes in the following departments for the 2018-2019 school year. Please see the individual course descriptions for more detailed information and any prerequisites students must complete before selecting these courses.

Department Blended Learning Course Offering(s)
Communication Arts Blended Literary Themes
Blended Humanities Capstone
Career & Technical Education Blended Consumer Economics
Blended Intro to Business
Blended Software Engineering 2
Blended Advanced Marketing
Blended STEM Capstone
Mathematics Blended Algebra 1
Blended Algebra 2
Blended Geometry
Blended Business PreCalculus
Blended STEM Capstone
Fine Arts Blended AP Art History
Science Blended Anatomy & Physiology
Blended Earth Science
Blended Astronomy
Blended Advanced Chemistry
Blended STEM Capstone
Social Studies Blended American Government
Blended AP US History
Blended World Cultures
Blended Cultural Anthropology
Blended World History 1: Ancient History
Blended World History 2: Medieval History
Blended Military History
Blended Humanities 1
Blended Humanities 2
Blended Humanities Capstone
World & Classical Languages Blended Chinese-Mandarin 4
Blended AP Chinese Language & Culture
Blended French 4
Blended Spanish 2
Blended Humanities Capstone
Department Online Learning Course Offerings
Communication Arts Online African American Literature
Career & Technical Education Online Business Law
Online Game Design
Online Web Design
Online Consumer Economics
Mathematics Online Geometry
Online Algebra 2
Science Online Sustainable Energy
Social Studies Online AP Human Geography
Online American Government
Online US History
Online Psychology
Wellness Online Health