Unlock Receipts

This utility allows you to Unbank a Receipt that has been previously banked. Note that if you unlock a Receipt, it will re-appear on your next Banking run unless deleted. The purpose is to unlock a receipt that was banked with incorrect details. Note that if you utilise an Accounting integration and unbank a Receipt, if that receipt has been exported to your Accounting system, you will not be able to delete it.

Unlock Batches

This utility allows you to mark an Institution Batch as Unsent after it has been electronically sent. You can only do this for batches that have been Sent but not yet Received. This will allow you to adjust that batch prior to re-sending.

Merge Patients

This utility allows you to merge 2 patient records together. The first patient record chosen, the Source Patient, will be merged into the second one chosen, the Destination Patient ie. all details & history linked to the Source Patient will be removed from the database and merged into the Destination Patient.


This utility allows you to Change an items code or Merge two items from the same file together. Note that some setup files only support a Change & not Merge, such as Branches & Recalls. When merging two items together the Source Item will be merged into the Destination Item and the Source Item deleted.


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