In order to process a Store & Forward Claim Batch, click on the Institutions Tile.

Now click on the Create Batch button in the top toolbar. Click here to learn how to Create an Institution Batch. Once created you are ready to submit your claim batch.

To submit your Claim Batch click on the Send Electronic Claims button in the Institution toolbar. Choose the Institution and Provider and all outstanding Claim Batches will appear. Tick the ones you wish to submit and click OK button to send to Medicare.

In order to retrieve Claim Reports, click on the Receive Claim Reports button on the Institution toolbar. This function will connect to Services Australia and download EFT & Exception information for all prior batches sent that have not yet been retrieved.

You can then view/print your reports by clicking the EFT Report and Exception Report buttons in the Institution toolbar. The EFT Report provides a summary of the Claim Batch and how much is being rebated. The Exception Report lists Patient Invoices that have been rejected.

Once you have your EFT Report, and Exception Report if there are claims that have been rejected, you can now process your Institution Batch Payment. Note: You should not process your batch payment until you have produced the batch EFT/Exception Reports.

If a claim or claims have been rejected then you will need to “Change MBS Code for Resubmission” within the Adjust Batch facility. Items that have been adjusted will appear in the next batch you create for that Optometrist.


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