To perform a Stocktake click on the Stocktake tile from the Main Menu.

This will take you to a Stocktake Wizard that will step you through the process.

Step 1.Choose the Inventory Type(s) you wish to count. If you want to count all inventory then tick all options. You can choose to count a particular Frame Brand if you choose Spectacle Frames or Sunglasses. Click Next.

Step 2. Count your Inventory. You can scan barcodes using a barcode scanner or manually search for items. as you count items the system will show you a total count and a list of items counted. Note that if you click the “Abort Stocktake” button you will end your stocktake and lose your count. If you click the “Close” button you can continue your count later. Once you have counted all items then Click Next.

Step 3. The system will produce an Interim Stocktake Report. This report provides a list of all items associated with the Inventory Type(s) you have chosen to count, including units counted and current quantity on hand and variance. You can click the Back button if you wish to continue counting items. Click Next to complete the stocktake process and produce a Final Stocktake Report. Completing the stocktake process will update items counted Quantity on Hand. A PDF copy of the Final Stocktake Report will be stored away in your Server \Optomate Touch\Stocktake folder.

You can continue to trade during a Stocktake as the system will make sale adjustments when you complete your Stocktake process. During the stocktake process the updating of Inventory Quantity on Hand is frozen until you either Abort or Complete the stocktake.

Note that only items marked as ‘Inventory’ can be counted during a Stocktake.


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