To setup your SMS account details, click on the Branches tile under Setup on the Optomate Touch main menu.

Double-click on your branch then click on the SMS tab.

If you have not yet signed up for an account, click on the New Account Sign-Up button at top of this screen. This will take you to the Message-Media SMS sign-up page. Choose your country at the bottom of the page then click the Continue button. Then choose the plan that best suits you and fill in the details requested.

Once you have signed up for an account you will receive your SMS username & password. Enter your username & password into the Branch Setup under the SMS tab and click Save or Save & Close.

Before you send your first SMS you may wish to predefine your SMS templates. You can do so by clicking on the SMS Templates tile on the Optomate Touch main menu.

SMS is now ready for use.

A good way to test the facility is to send a single patient SMS to your mobile phone. Open a patient record, click on the SMS tab then click on the Send SMS button. You can choose to send using a predefined template or just go ahead and type your text into the Message field then click the Send button.

SMS can also be used to send Patient Recalls, Appointment Confirmations, Order Collection, Order Follow-ups and Marketing. You can automate the sending of these SMS within Branches Setup, under the SMS tab.


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