The Optomate system includes 4 levels of system settings, Workstation, User, Branch & System Settings.

System Settings
These settings are global and impact all branches & users. You can apply these settings under Setup>System Settings. Items such as Grid Search settings will apply to all branches & users.

These settings a branch specific. All records in the Optomate Touch database are assigned the Branch location identifier based on the branch chosen when logging in. When entering transactional data, the patient invoice, receipt, order, inventory arrival etc… will be assigned to the branch chosen when logging in. Reports in Optomate Touch can be filtered by Branch. Note that entering a new Branch will impact the system Registration Code therefore you should contact the Monkey Software Help Desk prior to adding a new Branch location under Setup>Branches.

These settings are user specific. Settings applied to the specific user under Setup>Users, such as which facilities that user has access to, will be applied to the user logged into Optomate Touch. Every record in the Optomate Touch database contains the user identifier of the person that inserted and last updated the record.

These settings are PC/device specific. Regardless of which user is logged in to Optomate Touch, settings applied under Setup>Workstation, such as third party hardware devices, will be applied to this device.


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