The Receive Payment facility allows you to individually receive payment for Invoice Items billed to an Institution, that have not been included in a Batch.

Click on the Receive Payment button at the top of the Institution Menu.

Enter the Institution you wish to process a payment for. The system will default to the Branch you are logged in as and insert a From & To date based on the oldest and latest Invoice outstanding for that Institution & Branch.

Click OK to view all Invoice Items outstanding for that Institution & Branch.

To process a payment for an Invoice Item tick the Include? check-box to the right of screen. This will pay of the balance outstanding for that item. If you wish to Write-off the item ie, you wish to remove the outstanding amount for that item and write-off the balance as the item is not being paid by the Institution, tick the “Write-off?” check-box to the right of screen. Written off items will appear in red.

Once you have finished ticking the appropriate boxes, click OK to save your payment.


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