Interactive or Real-Time Patient Claims are processed at the time of Patient Invoicing and enables you to bill the patient a full fee consultation then process a Claim for the rebate. The rebate is paid directly to the patients bank account.

By processing a Patient Invoice item with no Institution, you are telling the system you are billing the Patient for the item.

With Online Claiming invoked, when you save a Patient Invoice including a consultation item that is not assigned to an Institution, you will see an option for “Interactive Claim” in the Patient Invoice toolbar.

When you have completed your Patient Invoice, click the Save button, not Save & Close, in order to remain on the Patient Invoice screen. Then click on the “Interactive Claim” button in the Patient Invoice toolbar to process the Claim. If you need to amend Patient Banking details or Payer details where the patient is a minor, click on the “Banking and Payer Details” tab in the Interactive claim window prior to processing your claim. Click OK to process the claim.

When submitting a Real-Time Patient Claim the system will respond with either a Statement of Claim & Benefit Payment (where the claim has been successfully processed), a Lodgement Advice (where the claim is pending assessment) or an error description returned by Services Australia (if processing fails).

A Statement of Claim & Benefit is provided to the claimant when a patient claim has been lodged in real-time, processed by the agency and a benefit amount returned to the claimant. A Lodgement Advice is provided to the claimant when a patient claim has been lodged in real-time and referred to an agency operator for action.


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