Optomate Touch supports Paperless Medicare & DVA Bulk-Billed Store & Forward Claiming, Real Time Patient Claims, Online Patient Verification and Online Veteran Verification.

The above components are built into the Optomate Touch application and simply requires the practice to have a PKI Site Certificate and internet connection.

Please call the Monkey Software Help Desk on 1300 650 295 for information regarding installation of your PKI Certificate.

In order to process a Store & Forward Claim Batch, click on the Institutions Tile.

Now click on the Create Batch button in the top toolbar. The system will default to the Branch you are logged into. Choose your Institution (either Medicare or DVA) then choose the Provider from the drop-down list. The system will then display all Patient Invoices outstanding for the choose Institution & Provider. Click the “Select All” button to choose all invoices then click on the Create Batch button in the top toolbar. You Claim Batch is now ready to submit.

To submit your Claim Batch click on the Send Electronic Claims button in the Institution toolbar. Choose the Institution and Provider and all outstanding Claim Batches will appear. Tick the ones you wish to sumbit and click OK button to send to Medicare.

You can click on the Receive Claim Reports button at any time to retrieve payment details from Claim Batches sent prior to today. After retrieving payment details you can print the details by clicking the EFT & Exception Report buttons. The EFT Report provides a summary of the Claim Batch and how much is being rebated. The Exception Report lists Patient Invoices that have been rejected.

You can also process a Real Time Claim at the time of invoicing the patient. A Real-Time or Patient Claim enables you to bill the patient a full fee consultation then process a Claim for the rebate. The rebate is paid directly to the patients bank account.


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