You can send marketing material to patients via Post, Email & SMS. To create a list of patients based on specific criteria, click on the Marketing tile from the main menu.

When you click on the Marketing tile you will be taken to a wizard that will step you through creating and sending your marketing blast.

Step 1. Given your new list a name, or double-click on one of your previous lists. Click Next.
Step 2. Choose the criteria for your list. Click Next.
Step 3. Send your list.

If you wish to utilise the Mailchimp integration, go to Setup>Branches and click on the Mailchimp tab. To invoke integration you must enter :-

API Key. This is your unique Mailchimp account API Key. Login to you Mailchimp account. Click on your account name at top right of screen. Choose “Account”. Choose “Extras” and click on “API keys”. You may need to click on the “Create a Key” button if you do not already have an API Key.
URL. At the end of the API Key you will see 3 characters. You must insert these 3 characters into the URL, eg. if the final 3 characters are “us3”. Your URL will be “”.
Campaign Default Email. This is the Email address you wish your campaign recipients to see.
Permission Reminder Text. Enter your opt-out text here.

For a guide on Use It or Lose It campaigns you can access our help note here: Use It or Lose It


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