When you first run Optomate Touch you will be prompted to login using your individual username and password.

Your username identifies which functions within the system you have access to.

If it is not the first time you are logging in to Optomate Touch, the system will remember the practice branch that you last used when logging in.

Once in the Optomate Touch main menu you can change user settings by clicking on the Users tile.

When attributing a Staff Type (Manager, Operations, Optometrist, Dispenser & Reception) to the user record, the system will load default security settings which you can amend, if you have security access to do so. A user set to ‘Administrator’ has full system access.

When logged into the Optomate Touch system you can see who the current active user is at the top right hand corner of the main menu. When processing all transactions in Optomate Touch, that user will be automatically attributed to transactions. You can log out by clicking on the “Log Out” button below your name on the main menu.

If the Login screen is left inactive for more than 60 seconds the Optomate Touch application will automatically shut down.

If you wish to setup a particular workstation with a static login you can do so in Workstation Setup.

Click the Default Login tab in Workstation Setup and enter your Username, Password and Default Branch. The system will no longer prompt you to login each time.


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