Our telephone Help Desk is always available by calling us on 1300 650 295 (Australia) or 0800 666 539 (New Zealand).

Alternatively, you can log a support request directly from the Optomate Touch main menu, by clicking on the Contact Monkey tile, then Log Support Request.

Simply fill in the support details, including :-

1. How you would like your call returned (Telephone or Email).

2. The call priority.

  • P1 = Call back within 1 hour (reserved for systems that are down)
  • P2 = Call back within 4 hours
  • P3 = Call back anytime today
  • P4 = Call back today or tomorrow

3. Information detailing the issue you are experiencing.

When you submit your request, the system will send your details directly to our in-house support tracking system and will be viewed in real-time by our support staff.


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