Optomate Touch integrates with the following spectacle and contact lens lab ordering systems :-

  • VSP Australia
  • Hoyalog (Hoya)
  • Rx.Connect (Zeiss & CR Surfacing)
  • Winlinx & Essilink (Essilor)
  • ProSupply (ProVision)
  • Shamir (Email ordering)
  • Optilink & Optilink Online (Opticare)
  • Winfit (Rodenstock)
  • RxOffice (ARC Optical)
  • PSG (Web ordering)
  • Hastings Optical Supplies
  • Ciba (Web ordering)
  • Johnson & Johnson (Web ordering)

To setup lab integration, click on the Branches tile under Setup on the Optomate Touch main menu.

Double-click on your branch then click on the Spectacle Lens Lab or Contact Len Lab tab.

Tick and enter the appropriate path or login information as supplied by the lab.

You can now access the third party lab software from the Optomate Touch Spectacle or Contact Lens Order screens.


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