Prior to entering your examination records into Optomate Touch you must go to Exam Settings in order to setup default test types.

In Exam Settings you can pre-define Examination Typres, Complaints, Colour Tests, Devices used for IOP’s, Topography & Perimetry, Medications and also define Custom test types.

Note that the system will include a “Comprehensive Examination” type by default.

You can also associate billable items & recall types here. Billable items will automatically appear within the exam record and transfer to a Patient Invoice when clicking the Invoice button from Exam. Recalls will automatically be applied to the patient when exiting that exam.

You can setup a default Exam Type for each Optometrist within User Setup.

To process a new Exam you can click the Exam button at the top of the Patient record (your optometrist user setup defaults will be used) or click the New button when viewing a current Exam record (the current exam type will be used).


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