Optomate Touch can download inventory directly from our online hosted eCatalogue platform.

We host inventory from all of the major optical Frame, Sunglass, Spectacle Lens and Contact Lens suppliers.

Some Lens & Contact Lens data comes from Eyetalk Digital. If you used the old Optomate Premier Series, you don’t need to download an ET Digital file anymore. The lenses are available in our Catalogue.

You can view the available hosted suppliers by clicking on the Suppliers tile under the Inventory Main Menu. Open any of your supplier records then click on the Online Code combo-box in the Frame or Lens eCatalogue groups.

Choose the appropriate Online Code for your supplier record and choose your import options below. For frame & sunglasses you can automatically flag items downloaded as “Display” items. For lenses you can choose to adjust your Sell Price up/down by a percentage/dollar amount based on the suppliers Recommended Retail Price.

To download inventory, click the “Download eCatalogue” button at the top of the supplier screen.

When downloading frames/sunglasses, the Brands available for that supplier will populate under the Brands tab in Suppliers. You must choose which Brands you wish to download prior to clicking the “Download eCatalogue” button.

You can update your inventory at any time by opening up the Supplier record then clicking on the “Download eCatalogue” button. You can hit the down arrow at the bottom of this button to download the eCatalogue, their Brands or their Inventory Status. Some suppliers provide Inventory Status ie. Current, Sale Stock, Special Order, Back Order & Obsolete.

From the main Supplier grid, you can download all eCatalogues where you have associated an eCatalogue code for a supplier record, by clicking on the “Download all eCats” button. Note that this may take some time as you you may be downloading multiple frame & lens suppliers simultaneously. You can update the list of available eCataolgue Suppliers by clickng the “Update eCat Suppliers’ button. The “MWS” icon denotes that the data is being sourced from our secure “Monkey Web Services” cloud platform.


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