Optomate Touch can produce barcodes for all billable items.

In order to print barcode stickers for inventory items such as frames and sunglasses you must queue them up. You can queue up inventory items from within Setup ie. Open an item and click on the “Add to Barcode Queue” button in the top toolbar. This will queue up the number of units on hand at that time.

If you wish to print a barcode report of non-inventory items, such as consultations or lenses, go to Setup then Consultation Items and click on the “Barcode Report” button in the top toolbar.

If you wish to queue up all items of a particular stock type, or view the items you have manually queued up, click on the Barcodes tile on the main menu.

Within the Barcode Queue you can choose to add all items from a stock type by clicking on the buttons shown below.

Once you have finished printing your barcodes you can clear the queue by clicking on the “Clear Queue” button in the top toolbar.


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